Quarterly Progress

Result 1: Sound public financial systems in place in order to promote transparency and permit participation by citizens in decision making

LGP will provide technical assistance, training, and equipment to strengthen municipal governments’ public financial management (PFM) and procurement systems, which will encompass the systems and mechanisms through which municipalities mobilize revenues (e.g., taxes, fees, royalties, etc.) and subsequently plan, budget, execute and monitor the expenditure of those revenues. LGP will support the implementation of municipal code reforms, regulations, and policies that contribute to improving capacity and accountability.


Key accomplishments during the first quarter include:

  • Agreement with Ministry of Finance and FLACSO re: project collaboration. On Tuesday October 7th, the program met with Carlos Valladares, Head of the Office of Planning and Budget by Results of the Ministry of Finance, and FLACSO, which has been training government officials.
  • Agreement with SEGEPLAN re: collaboration and information sharing. On Thursday October 9th the program met with Arq. Hugo Gómez and Licenciado Luis Catalán and SEGEPLAN, and came to agreement on working jointly to provide information and share technologies related to managing by results, investment planning, transparency and dissemination of financial information at civil society levels, and training and implementation of sound public financial management, and interaction planning-budgeting.
  • Agreement with INAP re: collaboration. On Tuesday September 30th, the project met with General Manager Leonel Siguí and Manager Edy Renán Barrera, together with Luis Alfonzo Beteta, Director of post graduate studies at INAP, and agreed to work jointly in the process of training public officials at the municipal level and civil society organizations in topics related to public finance, transparency, accountability, and local governance in Ver Más…



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